» Materials for 01.02.2019


Magical Crops Mod v1.2 (Minecraft PE)

Magical Crops is a huge collection of new plants as well as special agricultural mechanisms and tools. If you want to develop your farm and grow not only carrots and potatoes..


Headboard Beds Addon for MCPE 1.9/1.10+

Headboard Beds Addon for MCPE 1.10

The original beds in Minecraft PE are simple bedsteads with a colored blanket and space for your head..


Squids Addon for MCPE

Squids Addon

Want a simple addon to slightly diversify gameplay in MCPE?


NPC Addon v4.0 for Minecraft PE 1.8/1.9/

NPC Addon for Minecraft PE 1.8+

Usually NPCs are used on servers as workers, cashiers, sellers and helpers, but what if you want to add an npc to a single game?
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