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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » OriginalCraft Texture (+shaders) for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

OriginalCraft Texture (+shaders) for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

In this resource pack you will notice a remarkable mixture of textures with cool shader effects! After installation you will see how many transform your pocket app! You will need to set the maximum brightness!

OriginalCraft Texture (+shaders) for Minecraft PE 0.11.0

Pack was created specifically for those who are inconvenient to install multiple textures and then a long time to dig into the settings to find the perfect combination of shades and graphics.

Download OriginalCraft Texture (+shaders) for Minecraft PE 0.11.0


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kazuhiro (30 May 2015 13:25)
Group: Guest

I like this shaders its like the real life

I like this one its so cool XD
Alif Fadillah (21 May 2015 11:52)
Group: Guest
hai guys i have any question for you men!!
the question is
how to install texture packs in MCPE v.0.11.0 build 11

how to install texture packs in MCE v.0.11.0 build 11

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