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For-Minecraft.com » Texture for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Circular Hotbar for Minecraft BE 1.20+

Circular Hotbar for Minecraft BE 1.20+

Modify the game interface in a slightly unusual way by transforming the standard rectangular hotbar into a round one! Something similar already exists as a pack/script for Minecraft Java and is now available for Bedrock Edition 1.20. Below is the result of how it looks in the game.

By: Andromedarius

Circular Hotbar for Minecraft BE
Circular Hotbar for Minecraft BE

What will you get by using circular hotbar?

In fact, you won't feel any difference when using the circular hotbar on PC. You can still switch items using numbers or right-click, so everything in control will remain the same. For touch devices, you can select an item by tapping faster thanks to this compact arrangement of elements.

Circular Hotbar
Circular Hotbar

Moving the hotbar:

One of the options is the location of the hotbar. Open your inventory and move the hotbar block to where you want it to be during the game. Also determine which option you like more, standard or simplified.

Install the pack just like any other texture pack for Minecraft BE, that is, open the file normally through the game.

Download Circular Hotbar for Minecraft PE 1.20+


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