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Java Textures for Minecraft PE

There are two of the most popular Minecraft Editions, the first for computers (it's called Java Edition) and the second is for smartphones and tablets as well as Win 10 computers (it's called Bedrock Edition but everyone is used to saying Pocket Edition). Both editions are almost identical with the exception of some features, one of which is textures.

By: arkgroup

If you played both versions and you prefer textures from the PC edition, then this pack is required to be installed. Java Textures are all possible textures taken from Minecraft 1.13.2, Minecraft 1.14 snapshots are not included. So you get updated textures about which the developers talked so much and showed approximately how they will look.

Java Textures
Java Textures
Java Textures
For comparison, there are a few other precious blocks, doors, some objects as well as mobs, particles and everything else.

Java Textures
Java Textures
Java Textures
Java Textures
Java Textures
Java Textures

How to install the Java Textures?

1. Download the pack, unpack and find the innercore-resources file.
2. Go to the games -> com.mojang -> resource-packs folder.
3. Replace the innercore-resourses file with the downloaded one.
4. InnerCore must be installed.

Download Java Textures for Minecraft PE


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