» » DurzoCraft Texture pack (Minecraft PE 1.9)

DurzoCraft Texture pack (Minecraft PE 1.9)

DurzoCraft is a very easy change in the appearance of the game, we can say that it's vanilla textures with little improvement. But thanks to these changes the world becomes more detailed that raises interest in the construction of large and beautiful structures. It's pretty hard to describe everything that was corrected in this texture pack, but it performs the main task of improving graphics and adding details.

By: zefxyde

Changelog v2.0:

Added GLSL shader (waving plants, realistic lighting, etc.)
Optimized for MCPE 1.9

DurzoCraft Texture pack
DurzoCraft Texture pack
DurzoCraft Texture pack

Original DurzoCraft screenshots

How to install the DurzoCraft pack?

1. Download the file below.
2. Open the downloaded file using Minecraft.
3. Activate the pack in the game or world settings.

Download DurzoCraft Texture pack
Download DurzoCraft Texture pack + Shader


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