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For-Minecraft.com » Soft for Minecraft Pocket Edition » PocketInvEditor Pro 1.17 PRO [MCPE 0.10/0.11/0.12/0.13/0.14]

PocketInvEditor Pro 1.17 PRO [MCPE 0.10/0.11/0.12/0.13/0.14]

PocketInvEditor Pro - elegant app for Minecraft PE fans. You can change the time of day, to influence the worlds, to change the number of hearts as well as many others.
Changes in 1.17 PRO:
Added item IDs for Minecraft PE 0.14.0.
Changes in 1.16 PRO:
Added objects ids for Minecraft PE 0.13.1.

Changing the number of hearts
Saving and loading .dat files
Changing the surface of the world
Letter on tablets
Spawn mobs
Change of the day
Renaming worlds
Coordinate the movement of the player spawn
Switching modes of game
Editing inventory
What's new in 1.13:
- Has been added experimental support for editing the terrain and objects for Minecraft PE 0.9.X and or later.
- Changed design
The new beta of the popular editor inventory MCPE! Developer completely redesigned interface and made it to the new android.
Evaluate the new version and see the new features you can download from the link below :)

Download PocketInvEditor Pro 1.13 mod MCPE 0.10.5
Download PocketInvEditor Pro 1.13 mod MCPE 0.11.1
Download PocketInvEditor Pro 1.15 (0.12.X)
Download PocketInvEditor Pro 1.16 PRO (0.13.0/0.13.1) Download PocketInvEditor Pro 1.17 (0.14.0)


Rômulo oliveira Lacerda (18 April 2023 09:47)
Group: Guest
Luis Felipe

Muito bomquote
Mandeep (29 July 2022 03:55)
Group: Guest
Big fan
ALEXIES LEO RAPIZA (12 April 2022 17:27)
Group: Guest
It's not the best but I can do it 😜 I have to get ready for bed I can do that for you I think 🤠 for the day 😉 I can get a few hours I can get ready for work 🙂 I can get it for you I
Waldan (12 January 2022 15:05)
Group: Guest
iya (17 December 2020 18:08)
Group: Guest
i want this addon
Ladybug (8 June 2017 18:25)
Group: Guest
Quote: aegean
i want a portal gun mod how to get the mods

i want mods

It doesn't have mods its a inventory editor
Hannah joy vertucio (13 December 2016 19:58)
Group: Guest
Can I download Minecraft pe 1.17 version free with mods plssss
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