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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 4D Mobs Skin Pack for Minecraft 1.19+

4D Mobs Skin Pack for Minecraft 1.19+

Here is a fresh mob skin pack for Minecraft PE 1.19.10+. At the same time, the Mob Mounts Addon allows you to transform into other entities, offering almost the entire set of mobs, regardless of behavior. Choose that if you want to have mob properties and external model. This skin pack is suitable for pranks and hide-and-seek, coming with the right size and inherited animations.

By: S0n1cK1tten

4D Mobs Skin Pack for Minecraft 1.19
4D Mobs Skin Pack for Minecraft 1.19

Mob skins:

- ASimpleZombie
- ASimpleHusk
- ASimplePigman
- ASimpleDrowned
- ASimplePiglin
- Magma
- Magma1
- Magma2
- Slime
- Slime1
- Slime2
- Shulker
- Allay
- Bee1
- Bee2

4D Mobs Skin Pack
4D Mobs Skin Pack


Unlike addons, these skins do not give you new features, especially behavior. As a drowned, you won't be able to breathe underwater, for example. To have that, you should install any morph addon for Bedrock Edition.

Meanwhile, it inherits animations and sizes following the geometry model. Some skins are larger than the standard 2x1 dimensions, so don't forget to switch camera view.

Installation guide:

How to install the 4D Mobs Skin Pack?

1. Download and run the app.
2. Install and go to skins menu.

Download 4D Mobs Skin Pack for Minecraft PE 1.19+


Ray (25 February 2023 05:11)
Group: Guest
DragonFiesh (21 January 2023 03:08)
Group: Guest
Крутой пак,но прошу добавить больше скинов,особенно кота и собаку.
Rozetro (22 December 2022 01:28)
Group: Guest
Your skin pack is cool. Can you add more?
Zeta (21 December 2022 02:06)
Group: Guest
Hello, can you make skin for wither and wither skeleton for 1.19++? Thank you.

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