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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Star Wars Skin pack for MCPE 1.2+

Star Wars Skin pack for MCPE 1.2+

Here is a small skin pack consisting of 18 skins, which is added at the request of the player. If you also downloaded the Star Wars addon and want to change Steve's standard skin then this pack definitely suits you. There are skins of many creatures including protagonists and minor ones, there are even inhabitants of some planets.

Star Wars Skin pack for MCPE 1.2+

Skins are compatible with any version of Minecraft PE and work as original ones. Go to the settings and select one of the skins.

Skins list:

  • Death Trooper
  • Boba Fett
  • Republic Jedi Master
  • Republic Jedi Knight
  • Republic Havoc Squad
  • Republic Chaos Squad
  • Republic 90th Infantry
  • Republic 203rd Recon
  • Republic 711th Infantry
  • Jedis
  • Clon Soldier Purple
  • Shock Trooper Armour
  • Darth's PJs
  • Star Wars Alien
  • Jango Fett
  • Darth Vader
  • Red Clone
  • Storm Trooper
  • Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Skin pack for MCPE 1.2+

How to install the Star Wars Skin pack?

1. Download the archive and unzip.
2. Start the game and click on the skin.
3. Click the Add button and select the downloaded skin.

Download Star Wars Skin pack for Minecraft PE


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