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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE 1.15/1.16

Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE 1.15/1.16

Here are more than 100 different shaders for Minecraft Bedrock Edition designed for any version of the game, but if you want the highest quality water shader, then one of them is the Apollo Shader. Fitting into 1.5MB, it offers what might be called photorealistic water as well as other common shader features found almost everywhere.

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Water Features:

Of course, a similar appearance of water can be obtained by you playing the Java version of Minecraft, because there are a huge variety of shaders and even textures that can do this. For Minecraft PE, you do not have such a wide selection, but thanks to the good water settings made by Apollo Shader, you will see completely new seas and lakes.

Among the water features, the shader adds water ripples, which are loaded depending on the chunks you set in the MCPE settings. Water flare is another shader feature that gives an incredibly realistic look.

Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE
Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE
Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE

Something else?

Apart from water as a feature, the shader has many other graphical changes including some textures. There is a new sky, shadows and much more that one way or another is in other shaders. Hence there is no point in listing them again.

Apollo Shader
Apollo Shader
Apollo Shader
Apollo Shader

How to install the Apollo Shader?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Go to the game setting and activate it.

Download Apollo Shader for Minecraft BE 1.15/1.16


nianxi (7 January 2021 00:35)
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Alif (6 January 2021 17:26)
Group: Guest
Gimana cara downloadnya
Kian (27 December 2020 10:24)
Group: Guest
Howdo i dounload
yassin el haloui (12 December 2020 22:46)
Group: Guest
im flipochannel and this is from my video

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