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Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)

There is one of the best MCPE shaders with an unusual blur effect, realistic water and light. You have not seen so beautiful and expressive shaders, the game looks so cool that you will forget about everything. Just look at the screenshots and you will agree that the CSPE shaders is the best thing you can install for Minecraft PE.

You will get great pleasure, especially when you have a very powerful device and you have set only the best parameters.

Creeper Shaders features:

Realistic water, you can see glare and ripples.
Beautiful weather conditions.
The new sky, the sun and the moon. Sunset is very realistic, you can not take your eyes off.
New lighting system.
The landscape is blurred depending on the distance.
And much more.


Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)
Creeper Shaders (Minecraft PE 1.1)

How to install the CSPE shaders:

Download the file and find it.
Open it and select Minecraft Pocket Edition, after that the shaders will be installed independently.

Download Creeper Shaders (PE 1.1)


SnakeTuna (3 January 2018 20:22)
Group: Guest
This changed my home screen. Broke the game. I can no longer play because the play button does not exist. Thanks a lot.
OverGlitch (5 June 2017 00:32)
Group: Guest
How to download?

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