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For-Minecraft.com » Seeds for Minecraft PE » Tallest Outpost Seed for Minecraft PE 1.16

Tallest Outpost Seed for Minecraft PE 1.16

Have you ever seen such a tall structure while exploring Minecraft BE world? Today's seed is another reason to spend more time traveling between biomes in search of truly unique generation results. Not only is this outpost several times higher than all the others, but it is also located in the ravine, which is also a great rarity.

By: Minecraft & Chill

Why is the outpost so tall?

Approaching it while at zero altitude, you will understand that something is wrong. In fact, the seed is typical except for the height of the tower. To understand the scale, simply go down into the ravine and look up to estimate the height of the structure.

Tallest Outpost Seed for Minecraft PE
Tallest Outpost Seed for Minecraft PE
Why did it happen? This time, the game generation decided to create an outpost right in ravine, ignoring everything else. Because of this, its height is approximately equal to several normally generated outposts.

The integrity of the ravine is practically not broken and it can be explored collecting resources.

Broken Minecraft PE Features:

Surprise even more with the following broken seeds. Some of them will be a real discovery for you.

Seed: 616843740


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