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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft BE 1.16+

BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft BE 1.16+

As part of Zombie Apocalypse Pack, BattleCraft adds more than a dozen firearms with gunfire sounds. The addon features the world's most famous rifles and pistols, as well as matching ammo. For the most part, BattleCraft is necessary in cases of heavy firefights, both with the participation of mobs and other players.

By: BattleCraftDevTeam


• Hk416
• M4a1 carbine
• M16a2
• FN Scar 17
• FN15
• Desert Eagle .50
• Kriss Vector
• Steyr AugA3
• HK G36c
• Tactical M4a1 
• AA12
• Akm
• Beretta M9 (dual)
• Glock 17
• Mini Uzi

How can I get the weapon?

/function guns_set
/function ammo_set

Use these commands to get all the weapons and ammo at once.

Over 100 items of weapons for MCPE:

It is impossible not to recall the ActualGuns Addon for Bedrock Edition of Minecraft adding about 300 items including more than 200 firearms, 50 melee weapons, as well as grenades, medicine and military devices. All this supports the current versions of Minecraft PE, so download and enjoy an even larger selection of weapons.

BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft BE
BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft BE
BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft BE

How to install the BattleCraft Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download BattleCraft Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16


Tural (7 June 2021 05:21)
Group: Guest
Tank (7 June 2021 03:01)
Group: Guest
Quote: Kyawminaye
Simple sandbox 2

Good luck with your
For you to come home 😂 of
Bru (27 May 2021 10:10)
Group: Guest
Help I can't open it
Jose (21 May 2021 19:59)
Group: Guest
Quote: Joe Miguel
My name is joe, last name mama enjoy!

Porfa denme el addon
Steeeeeveeee (7 April 2021 21:53)
Group: Guest
It dosen't work with other addons please fix the bug

It wont shoot and reload
Rohitbhoir (29 March 2021 16:15)
Group: Guest
This addon is most
And amezing
meems (19 March 2021 06:11)
Group: Guest
i like this addon and i wanna download it today

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