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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod for Minecraft PE (v3.0.9)

Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod for Minecraft PE (v3.0.9)

Pam's Harvest Craft PE is a ported version of the original mod for Minecraft Java Ed. This mod adds many new types of food and various agricultural plant species. Now you will never die of hunger. Plant shrubs will be generated in different biomes around the world. You can take or break them and get a few different fruits or vegetables.

By: savenkons

Exploring the world, you will also find trees on which fruits grow. Collect seeds by breaking grass, plowing the land or recycling fruit and vegetables. Create the most delicious dishes. Now there is a good reason to engage in farming. Enjoy Minecraft PE (Bedrock) in full!

Pay attention to the Harvest Craft mod for Core Engine.

Changelog v3.0.9:

Code reduced, optimization
Added plants sounds
Fixed growth bugs, etc

Changelog v3.0.8:

Everything related to plants has been transferred to the new CropLib library
Traps now work on the StorageInterface library and they can be combined with all mechanisms
Plants can now be broken by jumping like original
Fixed all bushes drop bugs
Changed the generation of bushes and trees
Increased the number of bushes in the generated group

Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod
Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod
Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod
Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod

Changelog v2.4.5:

Improved BuildCraft PE and Forestry PE integration

Changelog v2.4.4:

Final fixes

Changelog v2.4.3:

Bug fixes

Changelog v2.4.1:

Harvest Core library updated.
Updated plants and bushes prototypes.
Added many new bushes.
Changed bushes drop.
Changed the number of dropping fruit from the bushes.
The number of trees generated is optimized.
Parameters of trees generation in the config.
Added bushes settings.
Added 26 new trees and 58 plants.
Added fruit jelly.
New fruit juices.
New smoothies, cocktails, yoghurts.
New food and crafting recipes.
Added integration with Industrial Craft PE.
Added integration with Forestry PE.
Now bees pollinate plants.

Changelog v2.4:

New crop models mechanics.
Changed wells mechanics.
Changed candles mechanics.
Fixed generation of salt blocks.
Fixed trees generation.
Fixed fruit on the branches.
Fixed saplings mechanics.
Traps now interact with the BC and IC2 mods.
Updated API.


Changelog v2.3.2:


Optimization of generation.
Bushes are generated by groups.
New cotton bush (textile).
New food (10 species).
Solved well bugs.


Changelog v2.3.1:

Updated Harvest Core v1.1 API.
Compiling the mod in byte code. The mod has become many times faster and will allow players with weak devices play more comfortable.

New food:

1.Ginger Chicken
2.Baked Ham
3.Bacon and Eggs
4.Teriyaki Chicken
5.Sweet and Sour Chicken
6.Orange Chicken
7.Lemon Chicken
8.Kung Pao Chicken
9.Honey Glazed Ham
Bug fixes:
1. Growth of plants.
2. Processing of wells.
3. Crashes.
4. Generation.


Changelog v2.1:

  • Saline ore generation is fixed.
  • Now the salt has a normal generation similar to the PC version of the Pam's Harvest Craft mod.
  • Chinese language support.
  • Seeds drop changed.
  • New chances of seed appearance, as close as possible to the PC version.
  • Conflicts with Forestry PE are eliminated.

How to install the Pam's Harvest Craft PE Mod:

1. The latest version of InnerCore is needed (link):
2. Move the "Harvest Craft PE (Inner Core)" folder here: games / com.mojang / mods.

Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.1 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.3.1 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.3.2 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.4 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.4.1 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.4.3 (Minecraft PE)
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.4.4
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v2.4.5
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v3.0.8
Download Pam's Harvest Craft PE mod v3.0.9


jose reyes (24 April 2020 13:50)
Group: Guest
Pro papú
Jane (9 April 2020 00:30)
Group: Guest
How do you download this with no blocklauncher
Kitty (3 April 2020 20:26)
Group: Guest
How do you get this mod on tablet without using BlockLauncher?
Francine (24 August 2019 18:24)
Group: Guest
Muito divertido
This is private info (9 July 2019 13:29)
Group: Guest
How do I download this on an apple iPad and not use a computer
Baez (9 March 2018 15:26)
Group: Guest
Cuando van a hacer un mod de dragones
M Thurman (14 February 2018 12:24)
Group: Guest


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