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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » WAILA mod for Minecraft PE 1.1

WAILA mod for Minecraft PE 1.1

WAILA mod allows you to see basic information about the blocks and mobs existing in Minecraft PE. Today's version contains everything that was added to MCPE 1.1.4, but in addition to the original objects, the mod is able to identify blocks from modifications. This feature will perfectly help those who have installed the Industrial Craft mod or any other tech one where there is a huge variety of very similar but completely different technical blocks.

WAILA mod for Minecraft PE 1.1

You will see the name of the block and the name of the modifications (if you have a mod installed), the mobs display the name and the amount of health in real time. What Am I Looking At has a list of settings through which you can optimize the mod as you want.

How to install the WAILA mod?

Download the mod and install BlockLauncher (it is necessary to install .modpkg modifications).
Start BL and activate the mod (ModPE).
Restart the game.

Download WAILA mod for Minecraft PE 1.1


Jose (14 May 2020 23:37)
Group: Guest
Likn caido
Jairo (12 May 2020 13:13)
Group: Guest
Quiero el mod no se lo paso a nadie
Dani (11 May 2020 19:02)
Group: Guest
Guest Alexander (9 May 2020 13:37)
Group: Guest
Es bueno ese mod
Alejandro (5 May 2020 04:29)
Group: Guest
No lo e probado el nos
Carlos Reyes (2 May 2020 01:35)
Group: Guest
Ami di me deja muy bien el mod
Davis (28 April 2020 18:26)
Group: Guest
Muy buen

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