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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

Pocket Manager Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition is the best analogue of TooManyItems! You will be able to control the time, change the mode of the game, weather and much more with this mod! But the most important Pocket Manager function is the ability to add necessary items and blocks to your inventory.

Mod can support the items and blocks from other MCPE modifications, but unfortunately they do not have icons. We hope, this will be fixed soon =)

Pocket Manager v1.2:

Support for Minecraft PE 0.15.x;

Pocket Manager v1.1:

New button on the start screen;
Added missing items;
Added the ability to browse crafting recipes for items;
Fixed the long loading;
Bug fixes.
How to use?

When you install the mod and enter the game, the game may crash for a short time (about 20 seconds). You need to go into the world as soon as the error occurs. In the lower right corner you will see a button «PM» (opens mod interface).

Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

Now you can control the game process and add the items and blocks to your inventory.


Clear inventory (the trash icon)
Restore of health (heart icon)
Restore of hunger (food icon)
Set spawn point (home icon)
Change game mode ( «C» icon)
Control of weather (cloud icon)
Time control (sun icon)
The ability to quickly add any item or block in inventory

You have to click on its icon and then use the slider to select the amount (To get the item or block).

Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

It is possible to customize the slider. At the moment, there are only two functions: changing the position of the buttons and the size of the slider. Creator promises to add more features in the mod in future updates! =)

Pocket Manager for MCPE 0.14.2/0.15.0

Pocket Manager installation:

Download the archive and unpack the mod.
Open BlockLauncher and go to settings.
Select the "Texture Pack" section and click on the "Import".
Find "Pocket Manager texture.zip" and click on the file to install.
Go to «ModPE Script» section and click on the "Add".
Find "main.js" script and click on it to install.
The mod is installed, an enjoyable game!

Download Pocket Manager mod v1.0
Download Pocket Manager mod v1.1
Download Pocket Manager mod v1.2


Calvin (2 March 2016 11:35)
Group: Guest
Can you do it on iOS devices
bummer (28 February 2016 18:33)
Group: Guest
Diego (22 February 2016 14:21)
Group: Guest
Yes it don't work, i've follow all the steps twice but it don't work
Bruh (22 February 2016 04:29)
Group: Guest
How to hack cuz i don't work ? belay
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