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Dino Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

At the moment mod is at an early stage of development, and it adds only one of the dinosaurs. In the future, the dinosaurs will be able to move through the world. You can also feed them. They will be the growth of large dinosaurs.

At the moment there is only one species of dinosaur, which you can spawn. Tyrannosaurus, commonly known as the T-Rex. In the future, it will be available to a lot more dinosaurs. For example, in the next version will be added Spinosaurus.

T-Rex dinosaur is quite small at the first spawn. In the future it will be possible to feed the dinosaur.

Dino Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5Dino Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5


Tyrannosaurus Fossil (ID: 460) - break gravel to find
Spinosauros Fossil (ID: 461) - break gravel to find
Mosquito (ID: 462) - break gravel to find
Syringe (ID: 463) - 4 glass blocks + 1 iron ingot
Dinosaur Blood (ID: 464) - 1 syringe + 1 mosquito
Tyrannosaurus Rex Egg (ID: 465) - 1 egg + 1 Dinosaur Blood + 1 raw beef + 1 Tyrannosaurus Fossil
Spinosaurus Egg (ID: 466) - 1 egg + 1 Dinosaur Blood + 1 raw beef + 1 Spinosaurus Egg
Dino Food (ID: 467) - no prescription crafting use Too Many Items.

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Rafael (15 August 2015 15:33)
Group: Guest
Senia (12 August 2015 14:02)
Group: Guest

Minecraft is a good game it really is
Candy (1 June 2015 15:12)
Group: Guest

Cool mod
Gustao (10 May 2015 05:37)
Group: Guest
Eu gosto de mods.

muito bom esse mod.

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