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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Dogs Plus Addon for MCPE 1.20+

Dogs Plus Addon for MCPE 1.20+

While Mojang releases wolf updates to expand the original wolf look with new ones, Dogs Plus aims to add many new dog breeds to Minecraft with physical characteristics close to real ones. 17 dog breeds, dog treats and new interactions that make dogs do tricks. If Minecraft did not impress you, then check out this addon.

By: ArathNido

Dog breeds:

• Chihuahua
• Alaskan klee kai
• Dalmata
• Bloodhound
• German shepherd
• Shiba inu
• Rottweiler
• Doberman
• White swiss shepherd
• Perro peruano
• Poodle
• Shar pei
• Bulldog
• Bull terrier
• Sheepdog
• Beagle
• Basset Hound


• Dog cookies
• Frisbee
• Ball
• Poop
• Whistle

Dogs Plus Addon for MCPE 1.20
Dogs Plus Addon for MCPE 1.20

Taming dogs in Minecraft PE:

No different from taming wolves, give the dog a bone and from that moment on it is your loyal friend. A special feature of Dogs Plus is the behavior of dogs and some of their qualities.

Dogs Plus Addon
Dogs Plus Addon
For example, dogs love dog biscuits that restore their health as well. After eating a few times, the dog leaves poop, which is used as a component of processing into coal.

Interactions with dogs:

Have fun playing frisbee with your dog. He will happily go after the frisbee and give you some experience after he comes back. Some dog breeds are good defenders, deftly attacking your enemies.

Dogs Plus Addon
Dogs Plus Addon

Crafting recipes:

Download Dogs Plus Addon v1.0 for Minecraft PE 1.20+
Download Dogs Plus Addon (Official)


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