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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » EOU Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20

EOU Addon for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20

EOU (Entity Ocean Update) is a standalone addon, separated into a pack of new ocean mobs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19 and current 1.20. There are only water living entities, as well as new food obtained as drops and after cooking. If you think that marine biomes are too monotonous and boring, then just add this addon to the activated ones.

By: TayiNdz1011

Sea Entities:

• Crab
• Manta Ray
• Whale
• Hammer Shark
• White Shark
• Lobster
• Shrimp
• Mahi Mahi
• Tuna
• Caballito de mar
• Medusin
• Tortuga Marina

EOU Addon
EOU Addon
EOU Addon


• Fresh Shrimp
• Coocked Shrimp
• Raw Tuna
• Coocked Tuna
• Fresh Clamp
• Coocked Clamp
• Mahi Mahi
• Coocked Mahi Mahi

EOU Addon
EOU Addon

What do you get by installing the addon?

The basic thing that EOU works on is the ocean and seas of your world. When you start the game, you get whales and sharks swimming in the neighboring sea. It is especially suitable if you live near water somewhere on the shore. Explore the aquatic world and discover many new species that previously only existed in the real world.

Download EOU Addon v1.1.1 for Minecraft PE 1.19/1.20


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