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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Item Information Mod v1.5.5 [IC]

Item Information Mod v1.5.5 [IC]

Item Information is a companion to WailaPE in a way, as it presents similar features. Important: this is an InnerCore modification, which means it is only compatible with the IC client, this is not mcaddon! So, the mod is designed to simplify the understanding of items in Minecraft PE by adding additional information, which is especially true when playing with other IC mods.

By: Reider

Changelog v1.5.5:

- Multiplayer fix

What information does it display?

In order not to break the usual screens and tabs, the Item Information Mod is built into the default info footnote, adding a few new lines.

1. Item name
2. Number ID
3. Text ID
4. Mod where the item came from (if you play with mods)
5. Category/energy

Item Information Mod
Item Information Mod

What is it for?

First of all, this mod will appeal to those who play with large mod packs. Item Information Mod helps to understand among a huge number of items from completely different mods, which helps to build machines and devices correctly without confusing blocks.

Item Information
Item Information
Item Information

How to install the Item Information Mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the file using IC.

Download Item Information Mod v1.5 for Minecraft PE
Download Item Information Mod v1.5.5 for Minecraft PE


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