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NERF mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.5

With this mod, we will be available to new types of space weapons. There will be space-drills, due to which the land will be drilling large holes. There is also a hook, which we will be attached to the mountain biomes and climb on top of them (just like in Worms and Far Cry 4). And the rest of the guns have to destroy monsters!
Most of them destroy the enemy with one shot, with a laser beam, which burns your opponent. As soon as you shoot - a bullet wound the enemy, and then set fire to his death. Now MCPE became more realistic, is not it ?! After all, before the mobs simply evaporates.

Download NERF-MOD.rar


Cameron donaldson (24 June 2015 13:17)
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I am cool

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