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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Ancient Wonders Mod v1.4.2 for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

Ancient Wonders Mod v1.4.2 for Minecraft PE 1.16 [IC]

Ancient Wonders Structures:

There are 9 structures.

Many structures differ in traps, structures above have the same loot in chests (if there are chests). It is also worth noting the wooden ruins, it has a unique loot.


piece: magic - chance 80%
piece: protection - chance 80%
piece: necromancy - chance 80%
class: mage - chance 2%
class: warrior - chance 2%
piece: necromancer - chance 2%
bones - chance 90%
rotten flesh - chance 100%
diamond - chance 2%
iron - chance 100%
golden apple - chance 2%
gold ingot - chance 4%
rune of fire - chance 20%
rune of earth - chance 20%
rune of wind - chance 20%
rune of light - chance 20%
Level 1 Heal Scroll - 6% chance
Scroll: Damage Level 1 - 6% chance
Scroll: Destruction - 6% chance
Scroll: On Block - 3% Chance
Scroll of use: on mob - 3% chance
Scroll: Strength - 2% chance
Scroll: Speed — 2% Chance
Bundle - chance 40%
Magic Crystal - chance 30%


Bundles drop the following items: diamond, bowl of wishes, some scrolls, classes, magic controller.

Ancient Wonders Mod for Minecraft PE
Ancient Wonders Mod for Minecraft PE
Ancient Wonders Mod for Minecraft PE
Ancient Wonders Mod for Minecraft PE


Research is an important part of the mod, it describes many blocks, items. To view what is researched, you need a quest book. To open research, you need to open the previous ones. Also, the required research has not yet been opened, you cannot use it and its branches.

Ancient Wonders Mod
Ancient Wonders Mod
Ancient Wonders Mod
Ancient Wonders Mod
Ancient Wonders Mod
The required research can be searched for hours, to speed up use the research table. The research table gives any random research in exchange for any previous research, papers, aspects.


Each class has a different maximum level, due to this, you may or may not use different items, for example: diamond armor requires protection 50, and the mage has a maximum of 40.

Use the following items to select a class: class knowledge. Use pieces to level up classes.

- Mage

magicMax 100
protectionMax 40
necromancerMax 10
aspectsMax 100000
aspectsNow 5000

- Warrior

magicMax 15
protectionMax 100
necromancerMax 5
aspectsMax 10000
aspectsNow 100

- Necromancer

magicMax 50
protectionMax 30
necromancerMax 100
aspectsMax 50000
aspectsNow 5000


aspectsMax - the highest number of aspects for a class in general.
aspectsNow - maximum number of aspects for now.
aspectsNow can be upgraded by creating rituals.


To activate the ritual, tap on the central block with a class book.

How do I get started?

To make it easier, you need a research table, to use it you need a singularity, to use a singularity you need researches: singularity, book, class research.

Changelog v1.4.2:

- Mob intelligence optimization
- Fixed biome particles in multiplayer
- Fixed magician's bag in multiplayer
- Potion Model Optimization
- Some visual changes
- Added 3 new wands
- ProjectTile Optimization

Ancient Wonders Mod v1.4.2
Ancient Wonders Mod v1.4.2

Changelog v1.3.0:

- Bugfixes

Changelog v1.2.0:

- Minor visual, technical, gameplay improvements
- Added new scroll
- Added new research
- Added the ability to enchant armor from the mod
- Added 2 enchantments (currently available for the test pack only)
- The native library is now compiled

Ancient Wonders Mod v1.2.0

How to install the Ancient Wonders Mod?

1. Download and install Inner Core.
2. Open the downloaded file using IC.

Download Ancient Wonders Mod v1.0.0
Download Ancient Wonders Mod v1.2.0
Download Ancient Wonders Mod v1.3.0
Download Ancient Wonders Mod v1.4.2


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