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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Uncraftable Items Addon for Minecraft BE 1.16/1.17

Uncraftable Items Addon for Minecraft BE 1.16/1.17

You can remove the ban on crafting some especially rare items in Minecraft Bedrock Edition by installing this small addon. It works like a pack that adds over 30 new recipes for original items. At the same time, it undoubtedly preserves the atmosphere of survival and carefully selects resources for each of the recipes. With them, it will be a little faster for you to get this or that uncraftable item.

By: Ceno

Craftable Items:

• Cobweb
• Elytra
• End Portal
• Saddle
• Chain Armor
• Bird Head
• Skeleton Skull
• Horse Armor
• Nether Block
• Command Block
• Golden Apple
• Name Tag

Actual Recipes:

As you can see, many of the recipes are quite logical and require appropriate materials. Using them, you will get rare items hidden in chests as well as what can be bought from a traders.

How to install the Uncraftable Items Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack or .mcaddon) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Uncraftable Items Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16/1.17


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