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Pokémon Addon v1.8 for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.200

Pokémon Addon by Zacek the Serpentine is a very cute Pokémon addon that works both on releases and betas of ver 1.16, and if all the Pokémon addons you found before do not support the current version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, then rather install this one. Following the classic concept, the addon brings pokemon, pokeballs, treats, and even evolution stones!

By: Zacek the Serpentine

Changelog v1.8:

- Updated evolution system
- Added new pokemon items
- New and updated Pokemon models
- Minecraft PE 1.16.210 release compatibility

The current list of Pokémon:

• Bulbasaur
• Ivysaur
• Venusaur
• Charmander
• Charmeleon
• Charizard
• Squirtle
• Wartortle
• Blastoise
• Caterpie
• Metapod
• Butterfree
• Weedle
• Kakuna
• Beedrill
• Pidgey
• Pidgeotto
• Pidgeot

Pokémon Items:

• Pokéball
• Superball
• Ultraball
• Másterball
• Luxury Ball
• Fire Stone
• Water Stone
• Thunder Stone
• Moon Stone
• Oran Berry
• Sitrus Berry
• Mago Berry
• Enigma Berry
• Rarecandy
• Potion
• Super Potion
• Hyper Potion
• Poke Dollar
• Fluffy Tail

Pokemon habitat:

Pokémon Addon distributes all Pokémon so that they live wherever there is land. There is no difficulty in meeting Pokémon in the forests as the habitat for the largest number of Pokémon. They also inhabit deserts, plains, mountains and near water.

Pokémon Addon for Minecraft Bedrock
Pokémon Addon for Minecraft Bedrock
Pokémon Addon for Minecraft Bedrock
Pokémon Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

How to catch a Pokemon?

As always, use pokeballs that match your pokemon and fall into several categories. Keep in mind that each pokemon has its own growth stage, which affects its abilities and the chance of being caught by one or another pokeball.

How to tame and train a Pokemon?

In nature, Pokémon grow on their own and even after taming, they evolve for some time. But before you can grow and make your pokemon stronger, you need to tame it. To do this, simply press the tame button and then either wait or use treats to move your pokemon to the next stage of growth.

Pokémon Addon
Pokémon Addon
Pokémon Addon
Pokémon Addon
Pokémon Addon

Other features:

In reality, Pokémon Addon has many more features such as an online store where you can also buy rare and common Pokémon items. While in the final stages of growth, your pokemon can be mounted by you. If your pokemon has the ability to fly, then nothing will prevent you from moving around the world in the air by controlling your pokemon.


How to install the Pokémon Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Pokémon Addon v1.0 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16
Download Pokémon Addon v1.8 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16


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