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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » SCP JS Edition Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

SCP JS Edition Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

Tired of traditional animals or even dinosaurs from yDinoCraft? Want to see the strangest thing that can only be in this world? SCP JS Edition adds unknown entities held in laboratories and bunkers remote from ordinary people. These entities pose a threat to everything that surrounds them, so they were enclosed in special protected spaces so that no one could find them.

By: JuliusScizzor

Changelog v3.1:

- Bugfixes that eliminate many crashes
- Minecraft PE 1.16.1 and support

SCP Creatures and Phenomena:

• SCP-106
• Bendy the Demon18's HID Turret
• SCP-106-JS
• SCP-650
• SCP-457
• SCP-294
• SCP-966
• SCP-3000 Juvenile
• Warhead
• SCP-079
• SCP-UA365-E
• SCP-UA365-M
• SCP-066-JS
• SCP-682-JS 
• SCP-682 
• SCP-553
• SCP-4335
• SCP-3057-4
• SCP-3057-2
• SCP-303-JS
• SCP-2950
• SCP-2950
• SCP-049-JS-2
• Serpent's Hand Anomalous Generator (S.H.A.G)
• Facility Lockdown Activator
• Facility Light
• Foundation Chair
• Female Class-D Personnel
• Female Foundation Scientist
• Site Director
• SCP-035
• Hallucination
• Serpent's Hand Boss
• Serpent's Hand Boss 
• Serpent's Hand Boss
• Serpent's Hand Boss (Friendly)
• Chaos Insurgency Leader
• Chaos Insurgency Leader
• Chaos Insurgency Leader
• Global Occult Coalition Strike Team Alpha 1 Leader
• Global Occult Coalition Strike Team Alpha 1 Mech
• Global Occult Coalition Strike Team Alpha 1 Member
• Global Occult Coalition Strike Team Alpha 1 Jet
• Tesla Gate
• Serpent's Hand Purifier
• Skeletal Soldier
• Pocket Dimension Plane
• See No Evil Member
• JuliusScizzor Member
• Hammer Down Member
• Chaos Insurgency Member
• Gate B Sign
• Gate A Sign
• Light Containment Door
• Rotated Light Containment Door
• Keycard Light Containment Door
• Heavy Containment Door
• Rotated Heavy Containment Door
• Keycard Heavy Containment Door
• SCP-1507
• SCP-914
• SCP-1074
• SCP-610
• SCP-076-1
• SCP-076-2
• SCP-173-JS
• SCP-096-JS
• SCP-049-JS
• SCP-049-JS-2
• SCP-939-JS
• SCP-1499-1
• Tentacle
• Enderman
• SCP-001: Gate Guardian
• Blast Door
• Button
• Foundation Camera 1
• Foundation Camera 2
• Foundation Computer 1
• Foundation Janitor
• Class-D Personnel
• Foundation Scientist
• Foundation Doctor
• MTF Unit Epsilon-9, Fire Eaters
• Femur Breaker
• SCP-106 
• SCP-280 
• SCP-330
• MTF Unit Epsilon-11, Nine Tailed Fox
• Foundation Guard
• Button
• Blast Door
• SCP-999-JS
• SCP-4375-1
• Serpent's Hand Member
• SCP-173-JS Containment Marker
• Missile Launcher

SCP JS - What does all this mean?

For ordinary Minecraft PE players who are not familiar with the SCP universe, these entities will come as a surprise. In order to at least understand a little who they are, imagine an enderman capable of erasing your memory, moving you in space, dealing damage remotely, or even splitting you into atoms - the abilities of each creature have no limits.

How to use the addon?

Optional Features
- Pocket Dimesion is turned off by default, type /function pdon to turn on or /function pdoff to turn off.

- SCP-303-JS is turned on by default, type /function scp303jsoff to turn off or /function scp303json to turn on

- SCP Griefing is turned on by default (SCP-106 corrosion trail and SCP-610 infection), type /function scpgriefoff to turn off or /function scpgriefon to turn on

- Optimization is turned off by default (SCPs will have particle effects), type /function optimizeon to turn on or /function optimizeoff to turn off

Machines (Doors, Keycard Doors, Computers, Cameras):

- They can be crafted (for a list of recipes click here)
- Hold the item to place the machine (Survival)
- Use the spawn egg like how you use spawn eggs (Creative)
- You can interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to open / close it.

- Hold the rotator item and interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to rotate it
- Hold the destroyer item AND sneak/crouch AND interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to destroy it
- Hold the builder item and interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the door to change the level clearance of a keycard door. The different colours on the buttons represent each level. (1 - 5)

- You can also punch buttons to open/close doors.
- You can spawn in a button 2 blocks within the shadow (or bottom half) of a door / blast door. Punch the button to open / close the door.
- If a Facility Lockdown Activator was activated, ALL doors within 256 blocks will not work for 3 minutes, unless you destroy the Facility Lockdown Activator using a destroyer tool

- How to use warhead?

Interact (right click / press and hold) with the bottom of the warhead while holding a Level 5 or 6 (Omni) keycard to start the detonation sequence.

NOTE: You CANNOT cancel the detonation unless you do /kill @e[type=scp:warhead]

You can also summon a warhead that instantly explodes with the following command: /summon scp:warhead ~~~ minecraft:warhead_explode_instant

Spawn in the new SCP-106 Containment chamber and lure Lary in to contain SCP-106 permanently. Note that the containment chamber is killable, don’t break it by accident!


SCP Crafting Recipes:

How to install the SCP JS Edition Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).
3. Experimental gameplay must be enabled.

Download SCP JS Edition Addon v1.0 for Minecraft Bedrock
Download SCP JS Edition Addon v3.1 for Minecraft Bedrock


ธนกฤต คณารักษ์ (14 October 2022 01:58)
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อยากสร้างเกม เล่นกับน้อง

nelnel (3 October 2021 12:18)
Group: Guest
Achieved the purpose of commenting on SCP-066-JS environmental behavior?
I'm interested in JS Edition's SCPs, but I couldn't find any information when I looked them up.
arsen (10 September 2021 15:51)
Group: Guest
I like these mod too
belijmorzik (22 May 2021 07:58)
Group: Guest
я белый моржик
Raszius TV (2 February 2021 06:57)
Group: Guest

i like these mod its nice
ricardo Guzman (22 June 2020 14:01)
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ok boomer
Holahola (16 June 2020 21:32)
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