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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Aim Assist Mod for Minecraft PE

Aim Assist Mod for Minecraft PE

This mod is a real hack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition increasing player accuracy to 100%. You simply will not be able to miss, your arrows will definitely hit any target you lock. The modification works on Inner Core which requires a launcher (installation below), and it can also be an addition to other IC mods that you have.

By: nkjgjg

How does Aim Assist work?

Just aim at the creature you want to hit and the mod will automatically lock it. Auto aim can act on any creature, be it a cow or ender dragon. A combat feature is ballistics: the mod takes into account the distance at which you are moving away from the target and sets the position of the crosshair depending on the distance.


In any case, your arrow will hit exactly the target, unless of course it does not move at high speed. When you lock the target, the text appears above the hotbar. After that, shoot until the health of your target is over.

Aim Assist Mod for Minecraft PE

What does it look like in a game?

How to install the Aim Assist Mod?

1. Download the mod and InnerCore.
X. You must have any version of MCPE installed.
2. Open the mod using IC or move it to the IC mods folder.
3. Start the game.

Download Aim Assist Mod for Minecraft PE


RedMC Boy (18 March 2023 04:31)
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i love you
Fafi (6 December 2020 20:55)
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How download?

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