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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » WorldShaper mod for MCPE 0.10.4

WorldShaper mod for MCPE 0.10.4

No luck with the owners ios modes for PE, because the OS does not allow scripts to install .js, and many functional blocked, but now for you specifically went cheat modes! With it, you can edit your inventory, change the name of world, to change the distance and much more; )

In general, a good thing, but you need jailbreak!

How to install ?:
1. Open Cydia
2. Click on «Changes»
3. Click on the «Refresh»
4. Type in the search «WorldShaper»

The program costs $ 3.99. The developer has paid a lot of time on this and made applicable.

ios 7.0 +, 5S screen like above, possibly 4S etc will work.

Overview of mode:


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