» » More Weapons mods for MCPE 0.10.4

More Weapons mods for MCPE 0.10.4

Do you remember the good old assembly Hexxit? (who do not know, run a Google!) This mod is very identical Hexxit. In this mod added a few unique features.

1. Fishing (well, there will understand)
2. A set of different weapons:
- shields
- swords
- daggers
3. Added a couple of new blocks.

Simply install a mod:
1. The archive will be three files in the format of JS. Install them with BlockLauncher.
2. In the second archive will texture pack. Install also through BlockLauncher.
3. Go to the Minecraft and fun!

More Weapons mods for MCPE 0.10.4
More Weapons mods for MCPE 0.10.4

Download weaponcraft.zip


ARF (28 June 2015 19:40)
Group: Guest
how to download it?
Marc Helmandollar (24 May 2015 08:23)
Group: Guest
Omg you guys are dumb scroll down under the pictures where it saysDownload weaponcraft.zip [2.67 Mb] (Downloads: 5179) and and tap on weaponcraft.zip
Lynavie (17 May 2015 22:04)
Group: Guest
Can I plz download this mod

Plz I really like this mod is sounds really cool
Mathew (11 April 2015 18:54)
Group: Guest
Can I download this mod
69XxPussySlayerxX69 (3 April 2015 17:20)
Group: Guest
This mid syvks bcsuae u cn still let killeded
phoenix (9 March 2015 16:22)
Group: Guest
Give this to me plz
Mohammed (1 February 2015 04:08)
Group: Guest
Can I plz have all the mods plz I need them because I lose my house Easley and die Easley.
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