» » Turtle addon (PE 1.2)

Turtle addon (PE 1.2)

Just go to the MCPE mods category and you'll find more than a dozen modifications that add dogs, cats, hamsters and other pets. Of course, not everyone wants to download mods separately, so the Animals addon is presented to your attention (more than 20 new animals).

Turtle addon (PE 1.2)

As for this addon, it adds realistic turtles. These cute and small amphibious creatures will inhabit your world and move slowly. Alas, they can not be tamed and are more suitable for improvised aquariums. There is no other meaning if you thought about turtle soup.

Turtle addon (PE 1.2)

How to install the Turtle addon?

Start the game and go to settings.
Activate the downloaded files (resource and behavior packs).

Download Turtle addon (PE 1.2)


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