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X-ray Mod for minecraft 1.7.10

Download 1805_The-Simple-Xray.zip

Very common cheat with which you can quickly and easily extract the most valuable ore, let it be diamonds or emeralds. In addition, you can easily meet the treasury and other dungeons.

This cheat for minecraft 1.7.10 works is very simple, it is done transparently unnecessary blocks, leaving valuable ore and some blocks and objects. X-ray is working on all servers minecraft, you should beware of a malicious and attentive administrators, which in our time is very small.


Alexisdias (4 July 2016 17:36)
Group: Guest
Don't work
Lion (9 June 2016 05:58)
Group: Guest
Tifa follow in instagram nane loniezeqiraj and go message me
Tifa (28 February 2016 13:00)
Group: Guest
I LOVE the Hacks but i have a bf that IS a hacker i LOVE him so MUCH

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