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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)

Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)

The Teletubbies addon adds 5 new mobs (not entirely new ones) that will remind you of early childhood or yesterday for someone. The addon is pretty simple and will not bring anything supernew or unusual, the main characters are teletubbies being peaceful and lovely creatures with antennas on their heads. They can be tamed if you want to collect all the teletubbies next to you.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer

Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)
Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)

In fact, the addon adds only one Tinky Winky but if you spawn several mobs, then there is a high probability that he will change his color. In addition to the teletubbies, there is an improved ghast and creeper, as well as a dangerous skeleton. Updated mobs are stronger and look better.

Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)

Create an army of the teletubbies and tame them to defeat any boss.

Download Teletubbies addon (Minecraft PE)


MR TARIK (14 June 2021 01:41)
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Juanfelikchan (18 September 2019 13:14)
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