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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Comes Alive / The Sims mod (MCPE 1.9)

Comes Alive / The Sims mod (MCPE 1.9)

Are you lonely and want to have a wife and children? There is no such function in the original game so that to get the desired one you can install the Comes Alive mod. It adds a lot of characters both male and female with which the player can interact. This is really the most friendly and peaceful MCPE mod that contains many features for ordinary life that has some similarities with the Sims.

Changelog v2.0:

Compatible with Minecraft PE 1.9
Implemented as an addon

Key Features:

Possibility to have children
Dialogue system
All characters have names
Different Skins
New items
And so on

How to get married?

Perhaps this is the main feature due to which the Comes Alive mod is unique in its kind. To find a wife you will need to take a new spawn eggs (men and women) and throw where you want to see new people. Then find a girl and give her an engagement ring (crafting recipe below). There is a certain chance that this girl will marry you.

Comes Alive / The Sims mod (MCPE 1.9)

If the girl agrees, then she will be your wife and you will see a new dialog box. You can choose different activities there such as:

To interact
Make a gift
To joke
Follow Me
Set home
Have children
Exchange items

You can have as many children as you like, who will get unique names and run around their mother. Characters can contact each other and also open doors, so rather build a beautiful house and marry a beautiful girl. In the end, you will have children and your house will be filled with joy and happiness.

The Comes Alive is suitable for both sexes and is updated, so wait for new items and functions.

How to install the Comes Alive mod?

  1. Download the mod and run BlockLauncher (BL).
  2. Click the wrench and activate the mod (.modpkg).

Download Comes Alive / The Sims mod (MCPE 1.2)
Download Comes Alive / The Sims mod (MCPE 1.8/1.9)


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