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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TreeChopper mod (MCPE 1.1.1)

TreeChopper mod (MCPE 1.1.1)

Unfortunately trees in Minecraft PE do not have physical properties, masses and do not fall if you cut down the bottom block. To fix this and simplify the extraction of wood in dozens of times the TreeChopper mod will help you which makes some significant changes. Now, as in real life, you need to cut down only the lowest block so that the whole tree fell.

Creator: Cesarneitor7

How to use the TreeChopper mod?

There are no other changes here, the only function of this mod is the realistic behavior of trees, so to speak. Tree chopping accelerates several times and your ax will work much longer. You can chop down trees with anything, even with your hands, but the fastest way is an ax.

Use an iron ax, it is easy to manufacture and quite durable. If you are rich and have many resources, then a diamond ax is your choice. With it, chopping trees is a very easy task especially when a felled tree requires only a second.

Download TreeChopper mod (MCPE 1.1.1)


Anonymous774931 (25 June 2017 06:11)
Group: Guest
How to use this mod? BL is not working @@

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