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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)

Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)

Pugs are fairly common good pets and maybe you have one such friend. In fact, this is a very harmless breed of small dogs and are not at all aggressive, but do not think about the addon. The Pug addon adds these cute dogs instead of wolves with altered physical parameters, the pugs are stronger, faster and more enduring than wolves, so this is a very good substitute.

Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)

How to find the pugs?

You will have to spend several minutes in the woods in search of. Once you have found the pug you will need a cake which is a treat for dogs in this addon. Feed the cake to your future pet and put a collar on it. Domesticated dog is a great fighter and a cute pet that can live in your house, or protect it.

Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)
Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)

Download Pug addon (Minecraft PE 1.1+)


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