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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)

FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)

FNAF addon is a great way to very quickly replace the original mobs with creepy animatronics. But these terrible creatures do not just want to frighten you, their goal is to hunt you. Now you need to always be alert when you go to look for resources or simply exploring the terrain. Animatronics will not stop at anything attacking you or your companions.

FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)

There are six most popular animatronics and this list may expand in the future. They spawn as well as all other creatures and attack any hostile targets. Some parameters such as health and damage have been increased so it will be quite difficult for you to fight off them alone without good weapons.

FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)
FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)

Animatronics can be friendly if you install the FNAF Pets addon where many of these mechanical animals can become your friends.

Download FNAF addon (MCPE 1.1+)


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