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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Player Clone addon (PE 1.1+)

Player Clone addon (PE 1.1+)

Player Clone is a very simple addon running on any version of Minecraft PE from 1.0. It adds your clone (if you have not changed the standard skin) which is no different from Steve. In this version, he does nothing, all he knows is to run from side to side or follow you on a leash. As a result, your clone is a pet or a small joke for your friends.

Player Clone addon (PE 1.1+)

How to spawn the clone?

Take a creeper's egg and throw it to the ground. After a moment the clone will appear and start running around you. Put a leash on it to take it to the right place, for example a corral.

Player Clone addon (PE 1.1+)

You can easily change the clone skin, for this rename your skin to creeper.png and copy it here (\Player clone resource pack\textures\entity\creeper) and do not forget to remove the old skin. Do not ignite the clone otherwise there will be an explosion.

Download Player Clone addon (PE 1.1+)


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