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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)

Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)

I'm sure some players are no longer interested in add-ons that add animals or transportation. If you belong to them then try Herobrine And Notch addon, which brings two very popular characters to Minecraft PE. Both characters will attack each other figuring out who is stronger. They will not spawn in the ordinary world and this is a big drawback.

Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)

I can only say one thing, if you want to add to your world real Herobrine that will watch you and attack at a convenient opportunity, then download Herobrine Mod for MCPE.

How to find Herobrine?

It lives in the Nether and has increased characteristics. You can not defeat him with an iron sword and a few arrows, you need a good armor and powerful weapons. If you kill Herobrine you will get a star designed to improve Notch.

Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)

How to find Notch?

It's just an addon, so you need to summon Notch using the golem sculpture. Do everything also to summon the Iron Golem, but now the real Notch will appear. It's pretty dangerous for opponents, but it looks pretty nice. Feed him the Nether star and he will become even stronger.

Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)
Herobrine And Notch addon (PE 1.0.X-1.1)

Herobrine and Notch will never be able to make friends, to understand this you can build a small arena and spawn both there.

Download Herobrine And Notch addon


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