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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Shoo Monsters addon for MCPE 0.17.0

Shoo Monsters addon for MCPE 0.17.0

If you do not want to mess with mobs in Minecraft PE and spend your time on unnecessary fights, then the Shoo Monsters addon will help you. After a simple installation, almost all aggressive mobs will avoid you. Thus, if you try to go to any of them, then at the same moment the mob starts to run away. But if you attack him, the mob will defend himself.

Shoo Monsters addon for MCPE 0.17.0

Of course, the Shoo Monsters addon is pretty simple but is also very useful for those who explore the world and extract resources. A total of 20 different mobs are included in this addon from creeper to silverfish.

Shoo Monsters installation:

Download the file (link below).
Select it in the settings when creating or editing world.

Download Shoo Monsters addon for MCPE 0.17.0


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