» » Horses mod v6.0 for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

Horses mod v6.0 for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

Horses mod adds 10 different types of horses to the game. You can tame them and then ride using a a saddle. These cute creatures will spawn in the plains during the night. Mod has even a horse-skeletons and horse-zombies!


Take in hands the wheat and simply tap on the horse a few times to tame it. Do not forget: you need to tap by only rotten flesh to tame horse-skeletons and horse-zombies.

Horses mod installation?

Horses mod v6.0 for Minecraft PE 0.14.0
Horses mod v6.0 for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

Start Blocklauncher.
Click on the wrench key, then "Settings" and "Texture pack." Now click "Import" and find the texture - (Horses Mod v6.0 by Gona Texture.zip)
Now again go to the settings, click "ModPE Script", click "Add" button, find the downloaded script (mod) in your device's file system and click on it (Horses Mod v6.0 by Gona.js)
Mod Installed!

Download Horses-v6.0.zip


yanpedro (24 March 2016 05:38)
Group: Guest
Eu Quero Muito Esse Mod
MaKraMc (24 March 2016 00:27)
Group: Guest
I can spawn it But i dont can ride IT
Mal peba (22 March 2016 12:57)
Group: Guest
Leticia Lima
poenar ionut (22 March 2016 09:42)
Group: Guest
Mfiia bugi maffiia
Maxwell Burness (22 March 2016 09:14)
Group: Guest
I love mods but I have never had one

Love mod
Lilly Fang (22 March 2016 06:56)
Group: Guest
I want to download this
hiago (22 March 2016 06:18)
Group: Guest
Minecraft poket edition

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