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For-Minecraft.com » Mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Instahome mod for MCPE 0.14.0

Instahome mod for MCPE 0.14.0

You will have the ability to quickly create amazing buildings and thus you will be able to in a few minutes to create an entire city in the game! It's really amazing mod for Minecraft PE 0.14! First you will need to get two items - Structure selector - is for selecting a building and Structure placer - is needed for the construction. You can get them in the creative inventory or using SimpleCommands mod.

Tap in any place by Structure selector, then the interface will be opened with a selection of buildings. All buildings have been categorized. Select a building and click on its name.

Instahome mod for MCPE 0.14.0
Instahome mod for MCPE 0.14.0

Tap in any place by Structure placer (where you want to build). After some time it will be generated depending on the number of blocks in the construction.

Instahome mod for MCPE 0.14.0

You need to install all scripts from Megaboilds Folder to create a mega construction!

Instahome installation:

Download the archive the link below
Unpack the archive
Open BlockLauncher and go to settings
Open the "texture pack" and click on the "Import", find and select the instahome_v2.3.0_textures.zip
Go to «ModPE scripts» section and click on the "Add"
Find instahome-2.3.0.js script and install it
The mod is installed, an enjoyable game!

Download Instahome-mod-for-mcpe.zip


Abdulkadir (25 August 2018 14:13)
Group: Guest
Tam istedi?im gibi mega yap?lar olsun modunu diyer yap?lar?na kadar bir harika yapanlar?n eme?ine sa?l?k olsun sorunsuz ?al???yor sonunda uzun zamand?r arad???m modu bulabildim te?ekk?r ederim :)

Thanks for minecraft.com.
Axel Balestero Gatgens (2 March 2016 04:28)
Group: Guest
Oigan no descarguen esos mods son una basura
Kartik (1 March 2016 02:05)
Group: Guest
Can't opening
wrfzs (27 February 2016 00:54)
Group: Guest

Quote: wrfzs
Charles Kent (26 February 2016 01:31)
Group: Guest
Why i can't see the tools?
Debonair_Audry (25 February 2016 18:09)
Group: Guest
Yey I Mod I Structure I Like The Magic Wand
Debonair_Audry (25 February 2016 18:07)
Group: Guest
This Is Good I Like It

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