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Infinite fruit mod for Minecraft PE 0.13.0

I present to you the first modification to version MCPE 0.13.0. Technically speaking, the "mod" is a set of resources. "Items.json" file is located in the folder "assets" of version 0.13.0.b1, which allows you to create your own items.

Here you can see an example with its own files: items.meta, items-opaque.png and items.json.

Mod features:

The mod adds a item called infinite fruit (texture was taken from Botania mod) with id 464.
If you eat this infinite fruit, it will not disappear.
Nutritionally identical to beetroot soup.

How To Install the Mod:

1. using an apk backup / file manager copy the MCPE 0.13 apk to a directory
2. rename the .apk to .zip
3. using a file manager, copy the assets folder from this .zip to the mcpe .zip of yours
4. use zipsigner from the playstore to sign the mcpe .zip of yours back into .apk
5. uninstall MCPE
6. install the new Installed .apk
7. enjoy, the ID is 464

Download Infinite fruit mod for Minecraft PE 0.13.0


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