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GTA V MOD v5.1 for MCPE 0.11.0 / 0.11.1

Mod adds atmosphere of GTA V to your Minecraft PE: gangs, money, guns, cars, coke, cops.


Gang (Ballas, Vagos) - this mobs.
AK-47 (ID 478)
Motorcycle (ID 480)
Uzi (ID 485)
Michael (spawn egg: ID 476)
Trevor (spawn egg: ID 486)
Tank (ID 487)
Grenade (ID 488)

Pistol (ID 494)
Bazooka (ID 493)
Machine Gun (ID 492)
M-4 (ID 491)
Shotgun (ID 490)
Sniper (ID 489)
Micro PP (ID 484)
AK-47 (ID 477)
Flamethrower (ID 479)

↘ To reload, press (^) when you are holding the ammunition.

Helicopter (ID 495)
Military helicopter (ID 481)

↘ You can shoot using the machine gun from a combat helicopter.

Plane (ID 482)
Sniper (ID 496)
Chainsaw (ID 498)
 ↘ Cuts down the whole tree, as in the Tree Capitator
Fire extinguisher (ID 500)
Parachute (ID 501)

↘ To open it - you have to hold it in your hands, press the (^)

Car (ID 502)
Cabriolet (ID 503)
Jet-Pack (ID 504)

↘ To wear a Jet-Pack you need to press the button (*). To take off, also press the (*)

Knife (ID 505)
Bat (ID 506)
Flamethrower (ID 507)
Money (ID 508)

↘ Sometimes drop out of bandits. You can use them to buy things from the mod! Also, you can sell diamonds, gold, etc. Shopping can be performed on a crafting table.

Machine Gun (ID 509)
Bazooka (ID 510)
Pistol (ID 511)
Bulletproof vest (replacement diamond armor texture)
Ballas armor (ID 299)
Grove Street armor (ID 303)
Jeans (ID 304)
Ballas trainers (ID 302)
Grove Street trainers (ID 306)

GTA V MOD v5.1 for MCPE 0.11.0 / 0.11.1
GTA V MOD v5.1 for MCPE 0.11.0 / 0.11.1
GTA V MOD v5.1 for MCPE 0.11.0 / 0.11.1

Cops and wanted level:

If you killed a resident or hit a policeman, you get 1 star. Police will start to shoot at you.
If you kill a cop, you get 2 stars. Police car with a cop will come to you.
If you kill 4 policemen, you get 3 stars. Police helicopter arrives and shoots at you from a machine gun.
If you kill 8 policemen, you get 4 stars! More of cops are attacking you!
If you kill 12 police, you get a 5 star !! Helicopter throws a bomb at you !!
If you kill 16 police, you get 6 stars !!! Wait tanks !!! Instead, of cops - the military will come !!! That's horrible.

Cheat codes:

/ HESOYAM will give 64 units of money
/ BAGUVIX gives immortality
/ ROCKETMAN will give Jet Pack
/ AFPHULTL will give the knife
/ AIYPWZQP will issue a parachute

Also, there are Easter eggs! This command - the name of one of the mobs in MCPE.

Mod is well suited for survival, especially in the citythen the gameplay takes the style of GTA!


1. Unpack zip archive
2. Select GUI size: enter the folder "Big", "Medium", or "Small"
3. There will be "GTAmod" folder
4. Place "GTAmod" folder to "games / com.mojang" (to internal storage)
5. Install two scripts
6. Install texture pack
7. Have fun !! :)

Download GTA V MOD v5.1 for MCPE 0.11.0 / 0.11.1


Elisha Ahmed (21 February 2016 12:18)
Group: Guest
Its not loading and my brother REALLY wants this mod
Jerette Sanchez (12 December 2015 20:37)
Group: Guest
I hope this works but thanks for making this mod!

I really hate this doing this over and over again!?


I hate this!
oskar (24 August 2015 12:51)
Group: Guest

Nie mam rzadnyh komentarzy
Colin is beast (22 August 2015 16:51)
Group: Guest
Cool it's awesome
igor ruppel (18 August 2015 17:12)
Group: Guest
Baixe vamos ver
sewasi (17 August 2015 03:09)
Group: Guest
Namikaze sewasi
riw (16 August 2015 05:02)
Group: Guest
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