» » Pigorite mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

Pigorite mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

The mod adds a huge pig! For her spawn you have to do two things. The first is the meat block - made of 9 pieces of pork, and the second - a hell star, which can be made from 1 ingot iron and 4 pieces of glass.

Pigorite mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

Next, place the meat block and tap on it by hell star. It is advisable to go away.

Download pigorite.zip


Ivanna colorado (4 August 2015 10:42)
Group: Guest
I love ti
EpicSword (2 August 2015 04:33)
Group: User
Mason (1 August 2015 19:38)
Group: Guest
seems leg-it
William (1 August 2015 09:05)
Group: Guest
They should make a giant animals eggs like wolfs spiders cows and many more
Reinhard Lanss p. Cabanlit (1 August 2015 03:01)
Group: Guest
im going to destroy the village
Con (31 July 2015 06:34)
Group: Guest
no comment just want mod

Pwjdjsjskakksks sis insists aakksmsmamam d diaksmsma a spammy
Tina (28 July 2015 14:26)
Group: Guest
Love it

Love it
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