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Download Minecraft China Edition

Netease announced the release of a special version of Minecraft for China on Android devices. In this case, the iOS version came out in September a month earlier, and open testing of the PC version began in the summer. Thus, now the Chinese Minecraft is represented on all major platforms.

Download Minecraft China Edition

This version is distributed (in contrast to the version for iOS) as a separate apk-file, available for download. Curious people can download it right now by clicking on the link below. The file size is twice the size of the Minecraft PE 1.2.5 - Bedrock.

Download Minecraft China Edition

This is due to the fact that the Chinese version includes music files, which in the regular version are downloaded as an additional set of resources from the game store. And there are packed interface resources for the main game screen, which is very different from the original one.

Download Minecraft China Edition

You need to register using a Chinese phone to get into the game, and for this you need to make a choice - these are two different authorization systems. If you can not play Minecraft, but really want to see what it is, then watch the video.

Download Download Minecraft China Edition


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