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Minecraft PE 1.1 - Parrots

MCPE approached the PC version so that the developers simultaneously add some features to both versions of Minecraft and MC:PE. So one of the players shared an image that shows these parrots and almost all the developers retweeted this tweet. After that, Mojang officially confirmed that the parrots will necessarily be added to Minecraft PE 1.1. I think after a while this mob will be moved to 1.1. Perhaps we will see other exotic birds.

Minecraft PE 1.1 - Parrots

Some features:

Parrots live in the jungle and make sounds.
There are several colors of parrots.
Parrots can be tamed and bred.

But if you do not want to wait for the update, then you can easily download Parrot Addon and enjoy the game with the parrots.


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