» » Pistons, Repeaters and some other things [MCPE 0.13.0]

Pistons, Repeaters and some other things [MCPE 0.13.0]

After the release of 0.13.0 build 1, many players began to leave bad comments and blame the developers in all errors.

First pistons, repeaters, dispenser and hopper are likely to be added in 0.14! 0.13 version will not include these items.

Pistons, Repeaters and some other things [MCPE 0.13.0]

Secondly, the End portal and command block to 0.13 will not be added! Finally, Mojang have published full list of changes:

Redstone and everything associated with it:
- red dust (now can be used as wire)
- lever
- lamp
- red torch
- plate (wood, steel, light and heavy)
- button (wood and stone)
- daylight sensor
- hook

New types of doors
Note block
Chest trap
Improved graphics in the Nether world
The temple in the desert


Stonecutter was removed, but it can be found in the inventory of creative mode
Redstone can be used to control of doors, trapdoors, rails and dynamite!
Increased the speed of boats
Increase font size next to objects on the hotbar
Slimes and Ghasts is now spawn in the Nether world
Restoring of hunger is now the same as PC version of the game
The skeletons are running away from wolves

Bug fixes:

Mobs do not choke on carpets
Fixed many small bugs!


roly gatus (18 November 2015 22:35)
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Wheres the piston and repeaters
slaven (10 November 2015 06:44)
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Mostakin (7 November 2015 18:06)
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Quote: Mostakin
kuzey5454 (6 November 2015 07:55)
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