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Full version of Minecraft PE 0.12.1

Tommaso said that the full version of 0.12.1 will be released on September 8 for Android, iOS and WP!

Also tomorrow will be released very important build #14, which was fixes a serious bugs. But the coolest - Mojang will hold a stream in the next week, in which will talk about the future of Minecraft PE, basically it's about Redstone.


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Group: Guest

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bat (30 November 2015 05:32)
Group: Guest
Nixa_pro (15 November 2015 09:26)
Group: Guest
DeeZ Nuts (14 November 2015 12:03)
Group: Guest
Hey what the heck this does not work

joa (24 October 2015 05:43)
Group: Guest
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dhjfdfyffuufudu (14 October 2015 00:24)
Group: Guest
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d (10 October 2015 07:41)
Group: Guest
why when playing minecraft pe changed to change the color of the blocks themselves ?, please help, (my android phone)
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