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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft Pocket Edition » How to create a mod for Minecraft PE - application ModEZ!

How to create a mod for Minecraft PE - application ModEZ!

It is easy to make mods for MCPE without any programming at all. With this app you can make as many mods for Minecraft pocket edition, much as you want! It is very easy.

You just give your name mod, choose what you want for the mod (you can choose more than one!) And then used to create a simple GUI.

You can do things like:

1) Create your own objects
2) Create your own weapons / tools
3) Create your own food
4) Add your own recipes for crafting bench or stove, etc!

How to create a mod for Minecraft PE - application ModEZ!
How to create a mod for Minecraft PE - application ModEZ!
How to create a mod for Minecraft PE - application ModEZ!

Еще вас ждет бонус от меня. Я пересобрал это приложение и вырезал из него рекламу, так что вас ничего не будет отвлекать во время работы. Приложение находится на стадии Beta3, так что могут быть баги, но не волнуйтесь! Программа постоянно обновляется. Так же ее можно скачать в Google Play.

Download ModEZ_1_2_beta3.zip


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gtgtgt (23 March 2018 13:57)
Group: Guest
mkjihygcsscyfuhfgvyyuiyutyt lol gygytryrvvtvdrercd
[/right]] no [rig laughing ht]

it does not work you liying ass
Marc Nathaniel (11 December 2016 15:32)
Group: Guest
I like it
jrpineda (10 October 2016 01:49)
Group: Guest
where me create a mod pls help
Instruments mod (27 September 2015 14:28)
Group: Guest
Hi,please download this mod and give it a like and leave many many comments. love

lunacat1020 (7 August 2015 14:42)
Group: Guest
How do I do any of this I am just doing this for fun! :(
MasterNeo (15 June 2015 02:42)
Group: Guest
Me To XD
ary_J (10 June 2015 16:10)
Group: Guest
how to add tools and crafting smelting.....
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