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Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE 1.2.20)

Mojang continue to please the players with new content and this time they seriously surprised. There are no such features even in Minecraft Java, so you can see exclusive features about which very few people know.

The entire list of changes is in the full article, so go there if you want to see everything that was added to Minecraft Bedrock edition (link). As you can see, the one in the end means that this is only the first beta in the 1.2.20 line, we will publish more information as soon as the developers share it.

Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE 1.2.20)

Absolutely different appearance of water can be attributed to the main features. Dive and try to look around.

Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE 1.2.20)

The most expected animals are dolphins and they are added to MCPE 1.2.20. There is still no information about them, but most likely players will be able to use them as a compass for finding underwater treasures.

Minecraft Bedrock (MCPE 1.2.20)

A few new marine items but until they have a direct purpose, wait for the next update. Also it is necessary to note Education Edition Chemistry, activate it. Several other changes in water physics and updated textures can be seen immediately in the game.

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