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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.2 » Remove License Verification in Minecraft PE 1.2.1

Remove License Verification in Minecraft PE 1.2.1

As already many people know, in Minecraft 1.2 developers have made a special check, which will not allow playing the original version with Xbox Live. But there is one way that requires several constant actions, but so you can play with Xbox Live! So, first you will need to download the original version - Minecraft PE 1.2.1.

1. After that, install the APK and open the game.
2. When a white screen with a minecraft icon appears, quickly launch the multitasking window and close the game from it.
3. Now start the game again and you will see the message - Global resources reset. Quickly click on it until it is gone!
4. You will be moved to the settings box, then just go to the menu. That's all!

Remove License Verification in Minecraft PE 1.2.1

This is still the only way that allows you to play with Xbox Live on the new version, but it's worth noting that these actions will need to be done every time the game is launched, which can be a bit annoying.

Here is the second way, more simple

It's very simple, you need a third-party launcher. For example, download BlockLauncher or Toolbox and just run it. As you can see, this is the easiest way to remove a license check in MCPE 1.2.1.


Jaymichealno (12 August 2019 05:58)
Group: Guest
Good video
Precilla (19 April 2019 09:49)
Group: Guest
Can i please play minecraft plzzz i already have a minecraft app but i cant play it because of license

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