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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.2 » MCPE 1.2 and Armor Stands

MCPE 1.2 and Armor Stands

Not long ago Jason Major showed a short gif image where he displayed armor stands fully functioning. This thing has long existed in the PC version and now it's time to add it to Minecraft PE 1.2. The armor stand performs several useful functions at once: firstly it perfectly decorates any room, and secondly it can keep your armor. This way chests will no longer be used for weapons or armor that saves you several slots.

MCPE 1.2 and Armor Stands

New arm stands will be able to change the position of body parts in addition, that is, you can customize your stand in every way. Perhaps the developers will come up with a special interface for interacting with the stand, but as you can see the armor stands were tested on the Xbox version of Minecraft.


Maycol (23 November 2017 17:27)
Group: Guest
Que buen mod
Ahemd (2 July 2017 03:40)
Group: Guest
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